yesterday the editors of radiosprawl posted a headline pointing to a washington post articles detailing how bp had been caught doctoring photographs of staff rooms in operations supposedly looking at live feed footage of the oil leak. at some point during the day, the post routed that url to a story detailing bp’s sale of $7 billion in assets to some company called apache.

the loss of the article through this routing method invites scrutiny. in practice the post would have simply issued a new story page with its own url, as both stories merit public view. if the story was fraudulent, perhaps the presentation of some tomfoolery at the hands of bp’s detractors, the post would have published a correction. a further uncovering of the story’s plot only sells more papers, or page views in this case.

but the case becomes suspicious precisely because it is a supposed mistake. a slip of a digit perhaps?

no. we think not, we double checked records. the page is curiously gone even from history lists. suspicious? indeed.

media control is all around. it will play with your head. one day here, next day gone. the constant rewriting of history can confuse the memory of all humanity within the span of an entire generation. if you can read this, thank a teacher. if you can think wisely, thank a history teacher. the ability to use iconography to manipulate idolatry for ideology is ancient magic. pure and simple. technology knows how to use that magic to make you think whatever it wants. soon in constant 3d.

technology has us in a grip so profound you may have forgotten how you got here.

to spell out the details more thoroughly, a lot of money has been spent to keep all bad media on the gulf vaporized. antagonism is anticipated on their front because they know how really really bad everything is. badder than bad. sadder than sad. and the only thing in life that keeps us alive is being poisoned by trapped gases from deep inside.

don’t expect bad photoshop in the future though. bp will soon hire better experts in the field no doubt. don’t expect news stories to stay where they are either. and don’t expect people to know what you know. the ever fracturing channels of entertainment media only guarantees the inability to globally connect correctly.

the frightening scenario of big business owing journalism is that the abilty to control information dictates the superiority of corporation rights over human rights. ultimately there will be no free internet, no private email, no anything except what you are allowed to play with and spend money on. and this money must be every dearly earned by your hours of time, until only factories are all that exists for living spaces. this is the future of your children’s children’s children if you do not begin to think wisely now and pay attention to what is going on.

at radiosprawl, we see with our ears and hear with our eyes.