the theater production that is washington d.c. is quite apparent to most of america. the differences of democrat vs. republican vary little in terms of whom they serve. the ability of an independent party to challenge the god-held-in-his-fist grip of the two-party system of doing things depends on somebody who may be reading this right now.

the ability to group is counter to the notion of a true independent. a true independent distrusts organizational authority in general, and shies from the occasion to assemble or identify with any group in particular. that is what independent means. and by rights, the independent extends the same courtesy to other independents, of giving them the freedom and privacy to do what they wish, as long, of course, as it does not interfere with the independent’s right to life and liberty. pursuit of happiness is another matter of debate.

the independent is, unfortunately by his nature, stripped of the key component of politics, which is power of the group. so the proposition remains, how do independent leaders find suitable assembly to contend their positions? how do political leaders of the future believe they can effectively repeal laws that rip into the private lives of citizens? how can the independent belief system compel an independent political spirit?

it can’t. it has not the power nor the credibility at this stage to make the talk of multiparty systems of government feasible. it is waiting for someone to show up, someone who has yet to come along.

perhaps, he or she is still unborn, much like some legendary james t. kirk of riverside, iowa, some planetary joan of arc. nonetheless the arrival of this person is expected any day. perhaps they do already exist, already emerging.

the identifying aspect of this person is that he or she has arrived unprepared, unannounced, and a fresh response to what is prepared and announced. perhaps the personage of julian assange could be considered a candidate by some, yet sadly we are to inform you that assange is the prepared persona. the real hero is expected elsewhere.

the reason is simple. the base mindset of deeply rooted political anger does not present itself civilly. those that wish to tighten the noose of military restraint against the populace relish the moment that the clash of hostilities begin. we are here to inform you that this is the true intent of global media control. to encourage you to revolt or have you go back to playing along.

the true independent sees an altogether other road.

the independent who is awake and aware understands that ultimately the chase of the dollar and the need for power drives everything that wants the attention of the masses. by rights, the other road seems dark, unlit, unspoken of.

it is a road only heroes would walk.