there are many dangerous things in this world. the most dangerous of all is ignorance.

the act of ignoring wisdom has a price. it is a price that all of us must pay on behalf of the worst offenders. there is no getting around sharing the costs of ignorance. in all likelihood, if you do not die from the habits of ignorance, you will because of someone else’s stupid mistake. that’s just the odds.

try and see the view from ignorant people’s perspective. they cannot fathom the reason we write and entreaty all we meet to be aware. we call it ‘waking up’ but that’s because the term ‘pulling your head out of your ass’ is too much in common usage already.

the good fight is the fight against ignorance. all evil masquerades as righteousness and those who perpetuate evil honestly believe in their hearts they are doing the right thing. the right thing is the pursuit of wisdom, truth, knowledge and kindness.

one cannot fight the good fight with fists or guns or even malicious words. the only arsenal available is compassion. by incorporating a willful intention of loving grace into the conversation, we can begin to inure the interests of the less-informed. that is the only way.

the cause of wisdom will win by numbers. the cause of evil is its own demise. the analogy is the growth of plants toward sunlight, as plants move by the application of shadows to turn their leaves toward light. it is thus with ignorance, as the pain of its effects turn individuals to seek a better way to live.

ignorance breeds the seven deadly sins of pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, sloth and gluttony. it is these paths of action that bring about the misery we have grown to believe life cannot do without. until we understand that the ignorance of anyone is our own fault ultimately, we will continue to suffer through the participation of others.