it’s all programming. everything you know.

it’s all programming.

take for instance the programming that if you read it, you have a greater propensity to believe it, than if you just hear it from someone else. or the programming that came later, when it forced you to disbelieve everything all the time. conspiracy theories are programming as much as mainstream media programs masses of people into believing their agendas.

to break free of programming is not enough.

if everyone else is operating out of programming, there is no point in how much awake you are. you won’t fit in and you can’t go back.

the illusion is that your life has meaning. that you are a contribution to a worthy cause. that you are somebody in a system that grafts billions out of the myriad of schemes it invents for you, because you want to be that somebody.

the illusion will persist as long as the great majority are held at arm’s length from getting to the top. the prospect of getting to the top must always be there, yet the emptiness of its gain is wholly invisible all the while.

this is what has always been considered mammon. the phantasmagoric panoply of power, prestige and wealth, available to all those ruthless enough to claim it.

it’s all programming. just as the earth is programmed to heal itself of its own accord in time. or like the healing of broken bones.

the program keeps running night and day. you never shut it off. it waits patiently like a blue screen, ready to engage you as fully as you want to be engaged.

you are unaware of the constant buzz any more, like the sound of a refrigerator. you accept the noise pollution as a necessity to be endured for a greater convenience. you accept the condition you are in gladly in fact.

because you fear a lack of programming.

you hang on to the subway strap mostly because you don’t know anything else to do.