these are the five items every informed person should know more about:

WTC Building Seven
Bilderberg Group
U.S. Federal Reserve

It’s not enough to describe each of these items in detail here. The point is the research each individual conducts that satisfies their search for the truth. The evidence is out there for all to read. The disinformation is also out there to obscure salient facts that perpetuate critical thought.

this is not a game. nor is it an exercise in traffic hits or popularity charts.
there is no danger in researching the information or visiting sites that contain facts or analysis. the danger is in not visiting these sites, and regulating them to the fringes of informational sources.

the purpose of radiosprawl is to intelligently inform and inspire critical thinking and wise interpretation of the information being made available.
telling you the federal reserve is a private institution not bound or affiliated with the u.s. federal government is not enough. it is only when the information is compounded by reliable source information and verified on numerous fronts will it actually sink in.

keep in mind that the internet is a shifting medium. wikipedia will not have information that remains consistent. sites fail. facts get buried.

radiosprawl contains a link to a site that monitors haarp activity. on september 24 at the time of its occurrence, the site reported immense haarp activity, off the scale of what was seen previously. a day later, that particular page for that particular day was scrubbed.

until we as a peaceable assembly coalesce our questions into an unified front demanding truthful answers of our government leaders, military generals and mainstream news publishers, we will continue to be left in the dark. it is time to stand up for independent researchers, time to take these leaders to task and by doing so take responsibility for our own lives.