there is a code to life.

it is found within the matrix. it begins by discovering the correct integer by which the code is defined.

that integer is you.

everyone is a number, but what that number really is, is a vibration. a frequency by which you resonate. your frequency field is your definition and flux inside the matrix. it’s space or lack thereof is the causal variable in what is the quantum mechanics of the unraveling future.

to find this integer by which the matrix is deciphered is to discover yourself. once that is accomplished the matrix opens up, and more dimensions are available for access.

see it as a game at your own risk for there are places in the matrix you don’t want to go. remembering too that however dark and foreboding the matrix can be, it is still an illusion pretending to be reality.

the flame of divine love can only be extinguished by you and you alone. once that happens, the matrix is as real as an interrogation slap.