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independent politics

the theater production that is washington d.c. is quite apparent to most of america. the differences of democrat vs. republican vary little in terms of whom they serve. the ability of an independent party to challenge the god-held-in-his-fist grip of the two-party system of doing things depends on somebody who may be reading this right now.

the ability to group is counter to the notion of a true independent. a true independent distrusts organizational authority in general, and shies from the occasion to assemble or identify with any group in particular. that is what independent means. and by rights, the independent extends the same courtesy to other independents, of giving them the freedom and privacy to do what they wish, as long, of course, as it does not interfere with the independent’s right to life and liberty. pursuit of happiness is another matter of debate.

the independent is, unfortunately by his nature, stripped of the key component of politics, which is power of the group. so the proposition remains, how do independent leaders find suitable assembly to contend their positions? how do political leaders of the future believe they can effectively repeal laws that rip into the private lives of citizens? how can the independent belief system compel an independent political spirit?

it can’t. it has not the power nor the credibility at this stage to make the talk of multiparty systems of government feasible. it is waiting for someone to show up, someone who has yet to come along.

perhaps, he or she is still unborn, much like some legendary james t. kirk of riverside, iowa, some planetary joan of arc. nonetheless the arrival of this person is expected any day. perhaps they do already exist, already emerging.

the identifying aspect of this person is that he or she has arrived unprepared, unannounced, and a fresh response to what is prepared and announced. perhaps the personage of julian assange could be considered a candidate by some, yet sadly we are to inform you that assange is the prepared persona. the real hero is expected elsewhere.

the reason is simple. the base mindset of deeply rooted political anger does not present itself civilly. those that wish to tighten the noose of military restraint against the populace relish the moment that the clash of hostilities begin. we are here to inform you that this is the true intent of global media control. to encourage you to revolt or have you go back to playing along.

the true independent sees an altogether other road.

the independent who is awake and aware understands that ultimately the chase of the dollar and the need for power drives everything that wants the attention of the masses. by rights, the other road seems dark, unlit, unspoken of.

it is a road only heroes would walk.

the case of the shifting url

yesterday the editors of radiosprawl posted a headline pointing to a washington post articles detailing how bp had been caught doctoring photographs of staff rooms in operations supposedly looking at live feed footage of the oil leak. at some point during the day, the post routed that url to a story detailing bp’s sale of $7 billion in assets to some company called apache.

the loss of the article through this routing method invites scrutiny. in practice the post would have simply issued a new story page with its own url, as both stories merit public view. if the story was fraudulent, perhaps the presentation of some tomfoolery at the hands of bp’s detractors, the post would have published a correction. a further uncovering of the story’s plot only sells more papers, or page views in this case.

but the case becomes suspicious precisely because it is a supposed mistake. a slip of a digit perhaps?

no. we think not, we double checked records. the page is curiously gone even from history lists. suspicious? indeed.

media control is all around. it will play with your head. one day here, next day gone. the constant rewriting of history can confuse the memory of all humanity within the span of an entire generation. if you can read this, thank a teacher. if you can think wisely, thank a history teacher. the ability to use iconography to manipulate idolatry for ideology is ancient magic. pure and simple. technology knows how to use that magic to make you think whatever it wants. soon in constant 3d.

technology has us in a grip so profound you may have forgotten how you got here.

to spell out the details more thoroughly, a lot of money has been spent to keep all bad media on the gulf vaporized. antagonism is anticipated on their front because they know how really really bad everything is. badder than bad. sadder than sad. and the only thing in life that keeps us alive is being poisoned by trapped gases from deep inside.

don’t expect bad photoshop in the future though. bp will soon hire better experts in the field no doubt. don’t expect news stories to stay where they are either. and don’t expect people to know what you know. the ever fracturing channels of entertainment media only guarantees the inability to globally connect correctly.

the frightening scenario of big business owing journalism is that the abilty to control information dictates the superiority of corporation rights over human rights. ultimately there will be no free internet, no private email, no anything except what you are allowed to play with and spend money on. and this money must be every dearly earned by your hours of time, until only factories are all that exists for living spaces. this is the future of your children’s children’s children if you do not begin to think wisely now and pay attention to what is going on.

at radiosprawl, we see with our ears and hear with our eyes.

behavor modification tools agreement made

Discovery refers shareholders to the attached press release by Discovery`s US
subsidiary, The Vitality Group (“TVG”), which outlines the details of a services
agreement entered into with Wellness & Prevention Inc, (“W&P”) a Johnson &
Johnson Company. Under
the agreement, TVG will deliver to W&P various components
of its Vitality wellness programme, principally related to its behaviour change
and incentive mechanisms, for distribution to US employer groups. The product
will be distributed under the W&P brand, and TVG will earn a fixed fee on all
lives sold.
As shareholders are aware, Discovery has maintained a limited presence in the US
since the winding down of Destiny Health`s operations, announced three years
ago, offering Vitality on a standalone basis to corporates. Discovery`s small
presence in the US market allows it to explore opportunities to leverage
Vitality`s unique assets with limited capital exposure. This flows from the
growing awareness in that market of the role of lifestyle measures and
preventive care in healthcare cost management.
The agreement will not have a material impact on
Discovery`s future earnings or
cash flow.
The Vitality Group to Provide Incentive-based Behavioural Change Services to
Wellness & Prevention, Inc.
CHICAGO – July 14, 2010 – Today, The Vitality Group, developer of the incentive-
based health and wellness program, Vitality, announced it has entered into an
agreement to provide incentive delivery, tracking, and reward fulfilment
services to Wellness & Prevention Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company. In addition
to incentive services, The Vitality Group will also provide Wellness &
Prevention with access to other behavior change tools including Vitality AgeTM,
a risk-adjusted age tool used as a barometer of health status, and the Vitality
ChampTM program, designed to create and support program advocates.
Under the terms of the Agreement, Wellness & Prevention will be able to
its customers access to Vitality`s incentives program and other tools designed
to support and facilitate behavior change. Vitality`s expertise in behavioral
economics and incentive design and delivery will increase Wellness &
Prevention`s ability to provide its customers with access to a comprehensive
suite of wellness solutions and incentives.
With more than a decade of experience, Vitality has a rich history integrating
incentives into every step of behavior modification, from the actual cost of
rewards to their perceived value and from the process of assigning rewards to
the support tools and education necessary to achieve goals. Vitality`s unique
approach to incentives employs an objective actuarial basis to measure the
degree of engagement of each participating member and derive the appropriate
incentives earned for that engagement. The approach also incorporates
behavior change models with incentive delivery to achieve
meaningful, measureable health improvement results across the entire population.
“Through the use of scientifically derived incentives and other behavior change
tools encouraging healthy lifestyles, Vitality has helped thousands of employers
worldwide to control healthcare costs and improve the productivity, health and
well being of their employees,” said Arthur C. Carlos, CEO of The Vitality
Group. “We`re delighted to be involved with Wellness & Prevention.”
About The Vitality Group
The Vitality Group is a member of Discovery Holdings Limited, a leading
international financial services institution founded on the principles of
consumer engagement and wellness and the originator of the Vitality health
promotion program. Vitality wellness programs serve more than 1.7 million
members in companies in a wide range of
sizes and industry categories, improving
individuals` health and well-being as well as employers` and health plans`
bottom lines. Early adopters in the United States include some of America`s most
forward-thinking companies. They join global organizations in the United Kingdom
and South Africa who together are proving the effectiveness of the Vitality
health enhancement solution in reducing healthcare costs.
14 July 2010
RAND MERCHANT BANK (A division of FirstRand Bank Limited)
Date: 14/07/2010 16:30:01 Produced by the JSE SENS Department.
The SENS service is an information dissemination service
administered by the
JSE Limited (`JSE`). The JSE does not, whether expressly, tacitly or
implicitly, represent, warrant or in any way guarantee the truth, accuracy or
completeness of the information published on SENS. The JSE, their officers,
employees and agents accept no liability for (or in respect of) any direct,
indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage of any kind or nature,
howsoever arising, from the use of SENS or the use of, or reliance on,
information disseminated through SENS.

a place for tolerance

radiosprawl exists as a place for tolerance for the free speech of all, as well as the freedom of religion for all. all may believe what they wish. teachings can be printed but the act of belief is the sole right of the believer. there is no place to say stop when it comes to freedom of the press, including foul language, because the very act dictates the demise of everything else, including faith.

as a place for tolerance we should respect the rights of others for what they wish to say, as we respect the right to be treated civilly. we may not agree on matters of words, but acts are another nature. we are a place for tolerance, we are opposed to violence.

freedom is about the right to live freely, conducted gracefully in the company of others so that all may get along. but to do so requires free speech and hence a free internet. speech is useless spoken in isolation.

conduct is its own accord. people must avoid all manner of hurting others.
and since very few people were ever injured or killed while typing on the web we think we are pretty safe here.

may all live well in peace.