radiosprawl exists as a place for tolerance for the free speech of all, as well as the freedom of religion for all. all may believe what they wish. teachings can be printed but the act of belief is the sole right of the believer. there is no place to say stop when it comes to freedom of the press, including foul language, because the very act dictates the demise of everything else, including faith.

as a place for tolerance we should respect the rights of others for what they wish to say, as we respect the right to be treated civilly. we may not agree on matters of words, but acts are another nature. we are a place for tolerance, we are opposed to violence.

freedom is about the right to live freely, conducted gracefully in the company of others so that all may get along. but to do so requires free speech and hence a free internet. speech is useless spoken in isolation.

conduct is its own accord. people must avoid all manner of hurting others.
and since very few people were ever injured or killed while typing on the web we think we are pretty safe here.

may all live well in peace.